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Joshua Lee Andreas

Joshua is an ambitious explorer, creative and photographer based in the Bay Area of California. Inspired by the dramatic impact lighting has on the viewer he gravitates towards images that grab the viewers attention with bold contrast and rich dynamic gradients.

Journalists such as Margret Bourke-White and Henri Cartier-Bresson stood out as roll models to Joshua from a young age and drew him towards the art form, which led him to study documentary journalism and black and white film photography while attending the University of Oregon.

His unique diversity of skills and interests has given him the opportunity to work in several different fields including: Fashion, Products, Fine Art and Landscape. With a fascination for dramatic studio lighting he's been able to focus on product photography, fashion and portraiture while in the city. Then when the thirst for adventure inevitably arises he delves into landscape and fine art. He stylistically bridges the gap between these fields to create content and opportunities with many artists and campaigns across the west coast. 

Feel free to contact him for bookings both on site or at his new studio location in Oakland CA.